Kids Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2020

I love to give my daughter and son gift baskets for Valentine’s Day. I normally add a few sweets and treats but, mostly I’ll be packing it with a few items they need. (Disguised as gifts haha!) Spring is coming so I added a couple items towards that.

It’s about to get sloppy out there, friends! Waterproof rain boots #Necessary (Pink for my daughter and I got black for my son)
Jammies! I get pajamas for my kids on every occasion.
These ones glow in the dark! So fun!
Heart sunnies. Need I say more?
I didn’t forget the boys!
Happy Valentine’s Day, here’s some underwear. (I’m super picky about underwear- these pass the comfort waistband test!)
Sorry, not sorry. These on a little chap are too much to handle. #SOLD
This back pack is sooo cute tho!
Fun crafty festive activity!
Adorable wooden robot toy! (comes in other colors but come on…I’m sold on this for V-Day!)
Some books are always a win.

Let me know what you think of my Kids Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! Sending my love out to you!

XOXO- Hilary