DIY Reusable Bags from Old T shirts (no sew!)

Here is a simple way to repurpose old T shirts. I used my husbands old worn work T shirts that had seen better days. I tie dyed the shirts the day before I turned them into reusable bags. You can also use old graphic T shirts!

Step 1: Lay shirt out flat and cut off the sleeves. I cut about 1″ in from the seams. Then cut off the neck, cutting down far enough to match the depth of the sleeve cuts.

I used my fabric scissors but anything will do the job. Don’t worry about having uneven/wobbly looking cuts, there’s a trick that we’ll do at the end to hide it.

Step 2: Cut even strips along the bottom of the shirt. I didn’t measure anything but did my best to have each strip approximately the same size. If I had to say I would guess they’re 2″x 0.5″.

Step 3: Turn the shirt inside out (unless you want to just wear this as a boho tank top haha- I’m tempted myself!) After your turn it inside out, tie two pieces together in a simple double knot. Repeat until completed.

Step 4: Flip the bag (It’s a bag now!) back inside out. Then pull on the “straps” tight enough to really make the fabric taut. This will make the edges curl and you can’t see the imperfections from the jagged cuts you may have done (like me!) Ta-Dah! You’re ready to use you’re new repurposed T shirt bag!

Isn’t she cute?!

Happy Crafting!

XOXO, Hilary