About Me

Hello! I’m Hilary Poulsen. The face and creator of the Soul Salvaged blog. I’m a 31 year old wife and mother of 2. Hailing from the cold climate of Minnesota, USA. (But it also gets pretty warm here in the summer!)

Here at Soul Salvaged you’ll find a variety of style, parenting and artful expression. I’m a lifelong lover of fashion. I have recently named my style “Boho-White Trash Fabulous”. From vintage furs and cowgirl boots to faux leather leggings and Uggs is where you’ll find me.

Since becoming a mother in 2015 I have begun a new love of photography and digital art. It’s absolutely one of my passions to edit photographs and add a little glitz and glam to them.

My bearded husband and I are high school sweethearts. We’ve been married since 2013. Shoutout to his undeniable motivation and work ethic that allows me to stay home with our children and focus on my hobbies when I have the chance. So, you’ll also find things about my adventures as a mother here.

Follow @soulsalvaged on Instagram where I post most of my outfits, photography/art and keep you all up to date on my daily life in My Stories.